Every step of your machine is manufactured in France !

The company has been committed to producing everything in-house since it was founded in 1994, and today this is a value that is highly valued by our customers. To ensure total control of the manufacturing chain, all our production activities are brought together in a 13,000 m² building, which maximises our efficiency and allows teams to work together. 


Built in 2019 and located in Marssac-Sur-Tarn, the new MÉCANUMÉRIC factory offers modern production facilities: 

  - cutting and welding equipment,

  - 2 large gantry milling machines CORREA VERSA 90 and CORREA VERSA 130

  - numerous machining and turning machines: DMG MORI, MAZAK, CMZ...

  - 4 cabins for shot blasting, washing, epoxy powdering and baking,

  - a metrology and TRIDIM department

  - 15 overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40 T..


We carry out the entire manufacture of our machines from the creation of the chassis to the final tests: 

  - cutting and welding of machine structures

  - shot blasting, washing, painting and baking of parts, frames and gantries

  - machining of the parts needed to manufacture the machines

  - electrical wiring of the cabinets

  - mechanical and electrical assembly

  - testing of parts and machines ...

The production teams (nearly sixty people) work hand in hand with all the other departments in the company to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.