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MECANUMERIC specialises in the manufacture of industrial equipment and offers a wide range of CNC machines for the machining of all types of materials. Designed for milling and machining large and small formats, the 3-axis CNC milling machines offer fine and precise solutions to professionals in the luxury goods, jewellery and watchmaking industries.


With its long experience and expertise in the field of CNC milling, MECANUMERIC offers high-performance industrial equipment enabling the fine and precise work required for the manufacture of jewellery, watch parts and medals in various materials such as bronze or alloys.

Bronze medal

Bronze medal

Jewels creation

Jewels creation

CNC machines used in many stages of the manufacture of jewellery and timepieces

Several steps are necessary to create a part, starting with the creation of a model or a prototyping.  Mass production can then be programmed using the numerical control of the milling machines.


Engraving and stamping can also be carried out by CNC milling machines. Laser cutting can be used in the manufacture of many jewellery and watch parts. Finally, the precision of CNC machines makes it possible to obtain perfect finishes even for small parts manufactured in series.


Thus, CNC milling machines can participate in several stages of the manufacture of jewellery and watch parts. MECANUMERIC offers industrial tools either for mass production for the luxury industry or to equip the workshop of a craftsman producing single parts.



Industrial equipment for engraving in the field of jewellery and watchmaking

The innovative technologies of 3-axis CNC milling machines allow a wide range of parts such as medals or watch dials to be engraved with the precision and finesse of a watchmaker. The CNC industrial machines facilitate this type of work regardless of the size, diameter, shape and material to be milled.


The DMC II and Charly4U - Charly2U 3-axis numerical milling machines are capable of milling with great precision the deep reliefs, the contours of the models on materials such as bronze, aluminium or brass composing certain medals. They are robust and can be used for mass production with the same quality of finish. 


Fast and reliable, CNC machines reduce working time and make daily work easier. They are durable over time and available on a budget. Precision and quality of finish are as much within the reach of jewellery and watchmakers as they are of luxury manufacturers.



CNC milling machines for 2D and 3D production for the design and manufacture of jewellery and leather work

The design and manufacture of a wide range of parts for the jewellery and luxury goods industry requires 2D and 3D production. The parts can be small or large (parts for watch straps, rings and earrings). The finesse and precision of 3- or 4-axis numerical milling machines, such as the MECAEASY model, provide solutions for this demanding type of production.


The numerically controlled machines allow an easier design, the control of manufacturing costs and the reduction of the risks of rejects. Following a simple technique, the steps of the creation process are computer assisted. The milling and machining of the various parts can then be carried out in series in reduced time, thus reducing the cost of manufacture.


In the field of luxury goods and handicrafts, leather work is present in the manufacture of many articles. Leather can also be used to make up a part of a product to which it will be assembled. The precision of the cutting of this noble material, whether it is very thin or thicker, is essential to obtain a finished product of optimum quality.


Thus, when manufacturing travel bags, handbags, shoes or even watch straps and belts, CNC waterjet cutting machines are perfect tools for machining parts according to these precision criteria. At MECANUMERIC, the MDE and LABJET models are pure waterjet cutting equipment adapted to this type of machining and its constraints.