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Consumables for CNC waterjet cutting machines


Consumables such as pumps and heads for an industrial CNC waterjet cutting machine are essential elements for its proper functioning. In our online shop you will find the spare parts you need to keep your CNC machine running smoothly.







Spare parts for a better use of industrial waterjet cutting machines

Here you will find consumables, spare parts and abrasives to ensure the best use of your waterjet cutting machine for the machining of parts with simple or complex shapes.


Used in many areas of industry, CNC waterjet cutting machines allow for clean and precise cutting of many materials, even hard ones, thanks to the addition of abrasive to the high-pressure waterjet. Thus, it is possible to cut, for example, steel, glass, composite materials, stone or aluminium.


Consumable change operations are common for items such as table tops, piping, nozzles, filters, seals. MECANUMERIC allows you to buy your spare parts here. Avoid breakdowns and machine stoppages. Gain in productivity thanks to long-lasting quality spare parts.



Spare parts for waterjet cutting machines of the biggest brands

In our e-shop you will find various parts for pumps and heads of CNC waterjet cutting machines such as nozzles, cannons, filters, seals and other components. These spare parts are compatible with the machines of the following brands

- BFT,

- KMT,

- H2O,



Buy here your consumables to perpetuate your waterjet machine!