High-pressure water jet cutting technology for precision CNC machining


MECANUMERIC's high-pressure waterjet cutting technology can cut a wide range of materials using pure water or water mixed with abrasive for very hard materials. The precision and power of the jet enable high-precision cutting, even of complex shapes.



High-pressure water jet cutting offers a number of advantages:

  • high-precision cutting, with or without abrasive
  • rapid cutting for high production rates in all areas
  • total preservation of the molecular structure of the cut product,
  • ability to cut heterogeneous materials,
  • cutting of complex shapes,
  • cutting of hard materials (hardened steel, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, sheet metal, titanium, etc.),
  • optimisation of off-cuts,
  • low water consumption,
  • environmental protection,
  • epreciable investment...


How the high-pressure water jet cutting process works 

The water is filtered to remove impurities. Certain abrasives can be incorporated in a dosage depending on the material to be cut. The principle is then to compress the water using a special pump to propel the jet at up to 2 or 3 times the speed of sound. The concentrated energy of the water molecules, reinforced by the abrasive, enables high-quality cutting of almost any material, with thicknesses of up to 200 mm for hard materials.

MECANUMERIC, a manufacturer of industrial tools, offers digitally controlled waterjet cutting machines for a wide range of applications. The technologies we have developed enable us to increase production and reduce manufacturing costs. 


An important aspect to take into consideration for those wishing to equip themselves with water jet cutting technology is the type of pump to be installed. Mécanuméric has worked for many years in partnership with KMT for their more efficient and economical intensifier pumps, which can reach a water jet pressure of 6200 bar.



What applications can waterjet cutting be used for? 

Waterjet cutting technology is versatile and has proved its worth in a wide range of applications such as :



•    Water-jet cutting quality for the agri-food sector

Respecting the health constraints of the food industry, cutting with pure water offers a number of advantages:

      o    Healthy cutting environment, no contamination possible as there is no contact between the food and the machine
      o    Time-saving: no need to replace blades, no interruption to the system
      o    Flexibility in the variety of products used and shapes to be given.


•    High-pressure water jet cutting of metals  

Many metals can be cut using water jet cutting. It represents an attractive alternative to laser and plasma techniques, being both more precise and less expensive. Table-top cutting technology and abrasives enable thicker metals such as titanium and aluminium to be cut. As this is a cold cutting process, no deformation can be produced by the heat, and there is no hardening of the material. Its precision eliminates the need for most of the retouching routinely carried out in other processes.




•    Cutting composite materials

Water-jet cutting machines have enabled the development of machining processes that are vibration and heat distortion free, producing high quality results for the machining of complex parts, which are particularly popular in the aerospace sector





•    Water jet cutting of other materials

High-pressure water jet technology can be used to cut even more materials: stainless steel, alloys, stone, ceramics, tiles, foam, rubber, porcelain, fabrics, cardboard, etc.








•    Cutting glass and thick materials with abrasives

The addition of abrasive, the absence of vibration and the thermal neutrality of the operation mean that the glass can be cut in a variety of shapes and patterns. Simple techniques will prevent the glass from cracking. Most glass cuts are now possible and more economical.





Maintenance: What wear parts are required for high-pressure water jet cutting operations?

Pumps and heads are essential to the smooth operation of an industrial waterjet cutting machine.


MECANUMERIC works with leading brands such as : KMT, DIGITAL CONTROL, H2O JET and WAZER, in order to provide you, via its eshop, with the best spare parts, heads, nozzles and pumps available on the market.

At the same time, these brands offer consumables such as abrasives, table liners, piping, filters, seals, etc.



Equipment for water jet cutting operations  


Simplicity, speed and efficiency are the key words that have guided the design of this waterjet cutting machine, designed to simplify the cutting of a wide range of soft and light materials. It is equipped with a high-pressure oil/water intensifier pump specially designed for this range to guarantee continuous pressure at 4000 bar with low maintenance costs.



MECANUMÉRIC is expanding its range with the distribution of the WAZER© brand, a benchmark in low-cost machines for prototyping and small series production. This machine, which is almost plug-n-play technology, will appeal to schools, Fablabs, design offices and factories.



Designed for intensive professional use, the MECAJET II range of waterjet cutting machines is highly versatile and incorporates a number of innovations: it can cut soft materials (leather, plastics, rubber, etc.) using pure water, or hard materials (metal, ceramics, glass, stone, composites, etc.) by adding abrasive.



This range of machines combines safety, compactness, high productivity and ultra-precision. Its kinematics, inspired by mechanical machining solutions, enable high-precision parts to be produced. Equipped with high-pressure pumps and THP components, the QUICKJET range is optimised for all industrial precision applications on soft or hard materials.



The LABJET range combines the efficiency and precision of waterjet cutting in a compact, industrial-performance format. Featuring a fixed table with a usable size of 1050 x 750 mm, the LABJET range can cut soft materials using pure water, or hard materials with the addition of abrasive. Entirely cratered, it enables operators to work in complete safety. It's the ideal machine to meet the rigour and precision needs of industrialists, and the safety and compactness requirements of the training sector. 



The MDA range can cut food products such as pastries, fish, delicatessen products, fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, etc. Complying with food safety and hygiene regulations, the main advantage of the MDA range is that there is no blade, which means cutting without contact with the product, avoiding any transmission of germs. 



The MDE range uses a very high-pressure pure water jet for cutting. Available with a range of pumps and options, it is particularly popular with textile and leather goods manufacturers.


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