Water jet

MECANUMERIC's CNC high pressure water jet cutting machines allow cutting a wide range of materials with pure water or mixed with abrasive for very hard materials. The precision and power of the jet allows high precision cutting, even for complex shapes.


Water jet cutting has many advantages:

  • high-precision cutting,
  • total preservation of the molecular structure of the cut product,
  • ability to cut heterogeneous materials,
  • cutting of complex shapes,
  • cutting of hard materials (hardened steel, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, titanium...),
  • optimization of falls,
  • low water consumption,
  • environmental protection,
  • amortizable investment...

How it works

The water is filtered to remove impurities. Some abrasives can be incorporated in a dosage depending on the material to be cut. The water is then compressed with a specific pump and the jet is propelled up to 2 to 3 times the speed of sound. The energy concentrated by the water molecules reinforced by the abrasive allows to cut almost all materials, up to 200 mm thickness for hard materials.


MECANUMERIC, manufacturer of industrial tools for waterjet cutting, offers the manufacture of numerically controlled machines for a wide range of applications. The technologies developed allow a gain in production and a reduction in manufacturing costs. 
Also, in order to preserve the good functioning of your CNC cutting industrial tool, MECANUMERIC offers consumables and spare parts such as abrasives, table linings, piping, nozzles, filters, seals...


Waterjet cutting technology is versatile and reveals its efficiency in many applications such as :


The food industry

  • Respecting the sanitary constraints of the food industry, cutting with pure water has several advantages:
  • Cutting in a healthy environment, no possible contamination because there is no contact between the food and the machine.
  • Saves time: no need to replace blades, no system downtime
  • Flexibility in the diversity of the products used and the forms to be given.

The cutting of metals

  • Water jet cutting allows the cutting of many metals, it represents an interesting alternative to laser and plasma techniques, both more precise and less expensive. Table cutting technology allows the cutting of thicker metals such as titanium and aluminum. As it is a cold cutting process, no deformation can be produced by heat, there is no hardening of the material. Its precision avoids most of the retouching that is regularly done in other processes. 

Glass cutting

  • The addition of abrasive, the absence of vibration and the thermal neutrality of the operation allow the glass to be cut with various shapes and patterns. Simple techniques will prevent the glass from splitting. Most of the glass cuts are made possible and more economical.

Water jet cutting of other materials

  • The high pressure water jet technology allows cutting other materials such as stainless steel, alloys, stones, ceramics, tiles, foams, rubber, porcelain, fabrics, cardboard, etc...

MÉCANUMÉRIC's water jet cutting equipment 


Designed for intensive professional use, the MECAJET waterjet cutting range is very versatile and integrates many innovations: it allows cutting soft materials (leather, plastics, rubbers...) with pure water or hard materials (metal, ceramics, glass, stone, composites...) thanks to the addition of abrasive. This new range offers many customization options to meet the needs of many manufacturers: 5-axis head, divider, drilling head, water softener, aiming laser... With its pumps up to 6000 bars of pressure, the MECAJET range is the ideal water jet cutting machine for all types of materials. 


This range of machines combines safety, compactness, high productivity and ultra precision. Its kinematics, inspired by mechanical machining solutions, allows the production of high-precision parts. Equipped with high pressure pumps and THP components, the QUICKJET range is optimized for all industrial precision applications on soft or hard materials.


The LABJET range combines the efficiency and precision of waterjet cutting in a compact format with industrial performance. With its fixed table of useful size 1050 x 750 mm, the LABJET range allows the cutting of soft materials with pure water or hard materials thanks to the addition of abrasive. Entirely enclosed, it allows a work in complete safety for the operator. It is the ideal machine to meet the needs for rigour and precision for industrialists and the needs for safety and compactness for the world of training. 


The MDA range allows the cutting of food products such as pastries, fish, delicatessen products, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches? Complying with food safety and hygiene regulations, the main advantage of the MDA range is the absence of blade, which allows cutting without contact with the product, avoiding any transmission of germs. 


The MDE range allows very high pressure pure water jet cutting. Available with different pumps and options, it is particularly used by the textile and leather goods industries. 

Discover the whole range of MÉCANUMÉRIC waterjet cutting machines.