CNC knife cutting technology

In the face of new technologies such as laser, plasma and waterjet, which have developed the cutting field in terms of speed, precision and productivity, knife cutting, an older technique, has retained all its specificity and appeal.


The fineness of the cut produced by the numerically-controlled knife-cutting machines means they can work perfectly on foam, rubber, textiles, fabric and cardboard, as well as noble raw materials such as leather.




How knife cutting technologies work


While knife cutting has a vast range of applications, it is at its most effective in the fields of point-of-sale advertising, signage and packaging, where its high quality finish offers significant productivity gains by reducing rework to a minimum. Numerically controlled knife cutting is a popular choice for cutting plastics, cardboard and fabrics.  

At the same time, the advantages of this technology are also benefiting leather processing. In particular, it can be used to produce complex parts for the leather goods and shoemaking industries, for example, or to make certain types of furniture, such as armchairs and sofas. 

High-tech industries are also taking advantage of knife cutting. The aeronautics and aerospace sectors require the utmost precision in cutting operations, while being constrained by high production rates and rigorous budgets.



Maintenance and tools: What consumables are needed for knife cutting operations?

Cutting blades are the main tools used in knife cutting. Top-of-the-range blades are generally made from tungsten carbide, guaranteeing impeccable cutting results, whatever the nature of the material to be machined. Blades come in a variety of shapes and geometries to suit specific cutting requirements, such as straight blades, V-tipped blades, oscillating blades, etc. It is essential to choose the right blade for the material to be cut and the specifications of the application.


To guarantee industrial-quality machining, Mécanuméric offers its customers a range of high-quality cutting blades, including flat cylindrical blades from 11 to 103 millimetres, pointed cylindrical blades from 5 to 35 millimetres and flat blades. 



CNC industrial equipment for knife cutting operations  

MECANUMERIC, a manufacturer of industrial equipment, has developed the MECACUT NL numerically controlled knife cutting machine to meet the demands of industry for fast, accurate cutting of light and flexible materials.


With a wide choice of cutting heads and an optimised footprint, it is the ideal cutting machine to meet the needs of applications in the packaging industry.


At the same time, Mécanuméric's MECAPRO range of CNC machines can be equipped with knife-cutting heads in addition to milling heads, offering great versatility and fine, precise cutting. It offers an excellent price/performance ratio.

The best tools are selected by Mécanumeric to guarantee the best cutting performance.
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