Industrial milling technologies with 3, 4 and 5 axes

CNC milling technologies deliver high output, quality finishes, high precision and flexibility in the machining of different shapes. Thanks to numerical controls, milling performed by highly versatile CNC machines gives rise to a wide variety of designs at controlled costs. 


Now available in 3, 4 or 5-axis versions, milling machines can be used to perform a wide range of machining operations (grooving, through-cutting, engraving, deburring, 3D production, etc.) that are suitable for industrial players in a multitude of sectors.



Operation of milling attachments

Computer-aided by dedicated CAD/CAM software, CNC milling machines can be used to machine different types of material such as metal, plastic, foam, stone or wood precisely and in a short space of time. The design or model produced using the software will create the manufacturing process. It will then be possible to mill a prototype or launch the manufacture of a series of standard parts, for example. 


Once the design is complete, the numerical control takes over, moving the horizontal and vertical axes throughout the machining process. The motor of the milling machine can be started directly when the computer programme is launched, under the supervision of the operator. In this way, they are able to efficiently perform a large number of cutting, engraving, surfacing or holemaking operations by removing material from the surface or from deep within the part, to produce complex parts with a high degree of precision. 


Digital milling technology enables operations to be carried out with a high quality finish, less risk of wear and tear on machined parts, and greater reliability by reducing the fragility of the products produced, even on small format or diameter parts. Thanks to a better configuration of operations, it has the advantage of increasing production speed, while maintaining optimum manufacturing quality. 



Milling for which applications?

The advantages of milling technology are widely recognised in many industrial manufacturing processes. Milling machines are used in a wide range of applications, including : 

-  Aerospace, for the manufacture of structural parts in aircraft and satellites

-  Nautical engineering, for machining rudders

-  Land transport for the manufacture of parts for trams, trains, cars, etc.

-  SIGN, POP and communications, for the manufacture of signs and POP displays

-  Plastics processing for machining 3D parts 

-  Mechanical engineering for the manufacture of precision parts 

-  Mock-ups and prototyping for the design of telephone casings Construction, for milling 3D low-relief parts, making joinery and weather vanes 

-  Medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries for the production of orthopaedic devices, bottles, prostheses, etc. 

-  Dental prostheses, where 3-axis CNC milling is used to produce all types of prostheses, splints and other appliances.

-  Education for teaching and research centres such as secondary schools, CFAs, FABLABS and R&D departments.


Tools for the milling process: Mécanuméric milling cutters

A milling cutter consists of a cylindrical body made of aluminium alloy, steel or carbide, with a number of teeth, ranging from 2 to 5, arranged around its circumference. Each tooth is carefully configured to ensure precise and efficient cutting of the desired material as it rotates. The pitch between the cutter teeth is precisely calculated to ensure smooth movement on all axes, with no backlash, and optimum chip evacuation. Choosing a high-performance milling cutter that is suited to the desired operations is a key factor in achieving high-quality machining results.


To this end, MECANUMERIC offers a wide range of milling cutters, whose characteristic ranges have been carefully established to cover all industrial milling needs.


Whether for fast roughing or precise finishing, the range of MECANUMERIC tool milling cutters includes cutters optimised for machining aluminium, plastics, composites, foams and wood.

Other parameters are taken into account when choosing the right cutters for a specific application, such as the quality of the surface finish, the amount of material to be removed, the desired milling speed and the depth of cut.


These milling tools can also be used for more marginal machining processes, such as drilling.


The perfect match of tools with Mécanuméric milling machines guarantees impeccable, productive milling while preserving the life of the devices.


What other consumables need to be considered to achieve industrial-quality milling?

Among the consumables that have an impact on milling quality are accessories for spindles and heads, which allow greater tool flexibility, table coverings designed to protect the milling device and limit vibrations and, finally, lubrication products.


In addition to milling tools, MECANUMERIC offers a large number of consumables for industrial milling, including those mentioned above, such as table top consumables (mats, vilmill paper, medium, PVC, seals), collets, cones and spindle accessories, lubrication oils, as well as numerous spare and maintenance parts, for optimised configuration on all projects.


Equipment for 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling operations

Thanks to its technical expertise, MÉCANUMÉRIC, a supplier of industrial equipment, offers a wide range of CNC milling machines, from the 4U mini-milling machine to the 5-axis NORMAPROFIL range, capable of meeting the needs of professionals. 



3-axis digital milling technology

MÉCANUMÉRIC presents a complete range of milling machines, including high-performance machining solutions.


CharlyRobot4U - CharlyRobot2U, compact A4 and A2 milling format
The Charly4U / 2U CNC milling machines are characterised by ease of use and precise machining results for a wide variety of metals, with a reduced budget.


DMC, Mini machining centres from A3 to 610 x 1200 mm
Designed for precise, intensive work, DMC machine tools are ideal for a wide range of applications: metal engraving, precision machining, plastics processing, design, prototyping, etc.


MECAEASY, small and large industrial routers
With a reinforced chassis and gantry, equipped with a more powerful spindle, the MECAEASY CNC milling machine meets the most demanding production requirements in 2D and 3D with speed of execution.

MECAPRO NL, high-performance, adaptable & versatile CNC milling machines

Designed for intensive use, the MECAPRO NL 3-axis milling system is effective in all sectors of activity. It can machine a wide range of materials (in sheets or unrolled on the table). 

MECAPLUS, CNC milling machine for high-performance machining solutions
MECAPLUS is suitable for machining aluminium, thick plastics and composite materials with high mechanical properties.


MECAPLUS HP, High performance machining centres: MECAPLUS CNC Milling
Heavy, fast, powerful, precise and efficient yet easy to use, the MECAPLUS HP CNC milling machine is designed for intensive use: a powerful, high-precision solution.



4-axis digital milling technology

4-axis CNC milling makes it possible to work on both sides of a part. 4-axis machine tools also have an XYZ axis, and a platen is added. The tool can therefore proceed without any external input to turn the material.

High-productivity multi-head MECABOND
MECABOND, a high-productivity multi-head CNC digital milling machine, is ideal for signage applications and building facades.


MICROLAB 4+ wet and dry machining of a wide range of materials for dentists and dental technicians
This CNC milling machine is capable of both dry and wet machining on a wide range of non-metallic materials: lithium disilicate, zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, WAX, composite resins, etc.


CHARLYDENTAL CD04-S & CD05-S for the dental sector
This 4- and 5-axis CNC milling machine for dental prostheses is ideal for fast, simple daily production of prostheses in soft materials and ceramics, either dry or with a lubricated tool.



5-axis digital milling technology

Machining with 5-axis industrial milling machines offers solutions for the manufacture of complex, highly technical parts. MÉCANUMÉRIC manufactures and distributes two 5-axis CNC milling machines:

NORMAPROFIL M, a 5-axis CNC milling machine optimised for machining large parts.
The M-Series 5-axis CNC milling machine is optimised for a wide range of materials. It has a wide range of applications in land and air transport. 


NORMAPROFIL 5-axis T-Series, the ideal equipment for thermoforming and modelling machines
The T Series 5-axis CNC milling machine is optimised for large shaped parts made by thermoforming using these materials: plastics and composites, synthetic resin, PU and PS foam, wood and derivatives, aluminium, brass and alloys.


CHARLYDENTAL CD 50 HM SD & HM ADC for the dental sector
This top-of-the-range digital milling machine with 5 simultaneous axes for metal (chrome-cobalt and titanium) is a concentrate of performance. The milling machine is designed for intensive 5-axis continuous machining of chrome-cobalt and titanium. Applications: fixed prosthesis frameworks, implant bars, custom abutments for implantology.


Discover the full range of 3-axis CNC, 4-axis CNC and 5-axis CNC milling machines from MÉCANUMERIC. 

The best tools are selected by Mécanumeric to guarantee the best cutting performance.
See the consumables and spare parts available for the machines Milling : Milling, CharlyRobot, Dental, MÉCA Cutting Knives

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