Parts, accessories, consumables and kits for your CharlyRobot machines


The good functioning of your milling machine requires regular maintenance. Find here in a few clicks the accessories, consumables and various spare parts useful for your Charlyrobot 4U / 2U / CR4 / CR2 machines, DMC machining centres and 4T lathes.


MECANUMERIC offers consumables, parts and accessories, maintenance products and tools for cutting, surfacing, 3D machining, finishing, engraving or bending. These tools are compatible with the milling of many materials including plastics, aluminium, composite and wood.

Milling machine 4U / 2U / CR4 / CR2

Milling machine 4U / 2U / CR4 / CR2

DMC machining centre

DMC machining centre

4T lathe

4T lathe

Consumables and tools


Get high quality machining and productivity gains with our wide range of consumables for Charlyrobot CNC machines. Find here our range of accessories such as:


- consumables: engraving tips, relief milling cutters for 3D machining, micro milling cutters for surfacing and bending, cutting helixes, sapphire milling cutters for finishing,

- tool inserts, tapping kits, facing tools, threading tools, boring tools, tapping tools..,

- engraving pliers for pins, ER pliers, cones and various accessories,

- Plate consumables: adhesives, martyr plate, etc,

- lubrication tools: vegetable cutting oils.



Maintenance kits

Regular maintenance of your Charlyrobot milling machine ensures long life and optimal machining. Opt for an online purchase of the kit you need for the maintenance of your CNC milling machines:

- special greases,

- grease pumps,

- plant-based lubricant,

- case specially designed for the maintenance of your Charlyrobot industrial machine.



Spare parts and accessories

Find here many spare parts and accessories for your Charlyrobot CNC milling machine. Replacing a micro-pump, a fuse, a spray nozzle, a tool sensor, a gas cylinder or many other spare parts can increase the life of your industrial machine...