3-axis milling CNC machines


MECANUMÉRIC is a manufacturer of 3-axis CNC milling equipment for the industrial sector and the world of education and training. We market a wide range of products, from mini-milling machines to high-performance machining solutions. Discover the full range of our CNC machines.


Our know-how and expertise enable us to develop a range of innovative, functional and professional products. Our CNC milling machines make it easier for employees to work, thanks to their ergonomic design. Their safety is also assured by reinforced protection of the work area.


Charlyrobot small vertical milling machine tool with moving table
Charly4U - Charly2U
Compact milling machines for A4 and A2 formats
High precision mini-machining centers
Easy cutting and milling
Industrial milling machines from small to large format
High-performance 3-axis CNC HSM milling machine for intensive industrial use
High performance cutting and milling
Vertical CNC HSM milling cutter with mobile gantry, fixed table and mobile column for industrial machining
High performing machining solution
High-performance CNC milling machine tool for intensive industrial use
High performing machining solution

MÉCANUMÉRIC manufacturer of 3-axis milling machines

A 3-axis CNC milling machine is a technological tool for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials. Our digital machines are suitable for applications as varied as the construction, luxury goods and nautical industries, as well as prototyping.

Cutting and engraving a wide range of materials

The world of industrial machining involves working with a wide range of materials. Our range of CNC machines has been developed to cover all requirements, whatever the material to be milled. Depending on the machine tool used, you will be able to machine soft or hard and dense materials such as :



  • Rubber
  • plastics
  • wood
  • composite materials
  • aluminium,
  • Stainless steel (engraving only),
  • bronze
  • brass
  • brass
  • etc.


3-axis CNC milling machines

MÉCANUMÉRIC offers 7 versatile 3-axis CNC machine tools to meet a wide range of demanding industrial requirements. The motors and transmissions of our machines are powerful and robust.


Each machine is designed to offer a wide range of CNC machining operations, with worktable dimensions, travels and rotation speeds to suit each application. The high-performance 3-axis milling machines are equipped with ergonomic digital controls designed to make the operator's job easier.



CharlyRobot 4U - CharlyRobot 2U, compact A4 and A2 milling format

The Charly4U / 2U 3-axis CNC milling machines are characterised by ease of use and precise machining results for a wide variety of metals on a reduced budget.


DMC, A3 to 600 x 610 mm mini machining centres

These mini machining centres are designed for precise, intensive work.  This type of 3-axis CNC machine tool is suitable for a wide range of applications: metal engraving, precision machining, design, prototyping, etc.

MECAPRO and MECAPRO NL, 3-axis CNC milling machines offering excellent value for money

The advantages of these 3-axis CNC milling machines are their excellent value for money and their versatility. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


The MECAPRO NL range is equipped with the best spindles for maximum efficiency and offers numerous customisation options: tool magazine with 9 to 15 slots, secondary heads for knife cutting, grooving, tapping, addition of a register camera, etc.

MECAEASY, small and large industrial machines

The MECAEASY range has a reinforced chassis and gantry. It is equipped with a more powerful spindle than the DMC. This 3-axis CNC milling equipment meets the most demanding production requirements in 2D and 3D, with a high speed of execution.


MECAPLUS, 3-axis CNC milling machine for high-performance machining solutions 

The MECAPLUS range is suitable for machining aluminium, thick plastics and composite materials with high mechanical properties requiring high precision.


MECAFAB, the milling machine designed for third places, the world of training and Fablabs

The milling quality of this equipment is particularly high for a controlled investment. The MECAFAB 3-axis milling machine has been designed to be versatile, so that those involved in training, third-party facilities and also Fablabs can carry out milling work on a range of materials, including polymers, wood and composites, and light alloys, simply and safely.

MECAPLUS HP, high-performance 3-axis CNC milling machines 

The MECAPLUS HP range is stable, fast, powerful, precise and efficient. It's a high-precision solution. This robust 3-axis CNC milling machine, designed for intensive use, is easy to use.



Building sector

Professionally cut and engrave materials such as plastics (e.g. plastic joinery), aluminium (gates, facades, air-conditioning covers, etc.), rubber (seals, heat and sound insulation) and many other materials used in the construction industry.

Prototyping and model making

In the prototyping and model-making sector, different types of plastic need to be milled and engraved. Parts can be very small or very large. Plastic materials are machined to a high degree of precision and finish.



Luxury sector 

Our CNC milling machines can also be used to work leather in the luxury sector (manufacture of bracelets for watches, handbags, belts, etc.). Cutting soft, supple materials up to several millimetres thick is quick and easy. High-precision engraving on metal (gold, bronze, copper, etc.) is possible thanks to MECANUMERIC's 3-axis milling machines.

Marine and automotive sectors

Composite materials are milled to a high degree of precision for the manufacture of series or prototype parts for the automotive, transport and marine sectors. Whatever the thickness of the composite materials being cut, our 3-axis CNC milling machines are ideal for many applications in these sectors.



A variety of applications 

Our machines are also suitable for many other industrial applications such as the electronics sector (cutting and engraving of copper or brass components), the PVL and advertising sector (machining of wood, PVC, plastic materials, etc.), as well as the plastics industry, ground transport, mechanics, etc.



Machining new materials in the aerospace industry: MÉCANUMÉRIC, expertise at the service of innovation

Machining new materials in the aerospace industry: MÉCANUMÉRIC, expertise at the service of innovation

Advantages, issues and machining problems: composites offer significant advantages in the aeronautical sector, but what are the challenges to be met in order to benefit from them?