Charlyrobot, an old company established in the Alps Region (74) was merged with Mecanuméric in 2014.

Charlyrobot has been a recognized French specialist in 2D and 3D industrial machining for light materials, and for selling machining equipment to Education and to the medical field (under the brand Charlydental as solutions towards dental prosthetists, orthopedists ...)

This brand was originally developed to meet all the specific requirements for education, initiation to CNC manufacturing and training in colleges, classical or technical high schools, training centers for apprentices and higher education, universities or engineering schools.

Hundreds of thousands of young high school students and students have ever used a "CHARLY" since then !

Charlyrobot offers a wide range of equipment very well adapted to the practical needs and the financial constraints of technical high schools, professional and higher education centers.



CNC milling machines for teaching

Charly4U - Charly2U, compact milling machines A4 and A2

Charly4U - Charly2U, les fraiseuses compactes formats A4 et A2

Charly4U & Charly2U’s exceptionnal performances and innovative technology explain their success for applications such as initiation to technology and numerical machining in teaching environment. But those equipments are also used for industrial applications in many fields, such as: engraving, machining rerun, jewellery, models, electronics, etc. These 3-axis CNC milling machines are characterized by their ease of use. They are used in many applications, with the ability to machine metals such as aluminum and brass. Sold several thousand  copies these economic machines consolidate their positions as leading machines on the educational market.

More information on this Charly4U - Charly2U 3 axis CNC milling machine

DMC, Mini-Machining centers from A3 format to 600 x 610 mm

In order to promote the technical fields of teaching, MECANUMERIC offers didactic equipment, for the realization of prototypes. Designed for fine, precise and intensive works in small formats, the Charly DMC milling machines are used for many applications: metal engraving, fine machining, plasturgy, design, prototyping…
Equipped with a rigor and a remarkable precision, this range of compact milling machines answers the requirement of any realization. More information on DMC 


Mécanuméric met à disposition de l’enseignement une offre plus complète d’équipements CNC

Avec l’ensemble de sa gamme industrielle, Mécanuméric propose plusieurs technologies et formats ainsi qu’un large éventail d'options et de fonctions pilotées par les commandes numériques les plus performantes qui répondent au mieux aux exigences des enseignants.

Autres fraiseuses numériques CNC dédiées à la Formation


Rapid, fitted with a mono-block frame and a rigidified gantry, equipped with powerful spindles, the MECA EASY , often selectionned for formation centers and FabLabs equipment, will meet your most demanding production requirements in 2D and in 3D. 

Options for milling machines Training, Charlyrobot range

All the options presented below are suitable for all Charlyrobot training machines. Subject to the machine configuration / options chosen.
• micro-lubrication
• Air blowing
• Suction sensor
• 4th axis for milling machine
Vacuum pump vacuum table
• Turbine vacuum table
• Industrial vacuum cleaner
• Remote control

CNC lathe for education and training

Charly4T, Charly4T Mini Control Lathe

The charly4T numerically controlled mini-drive, available in 2 versions, standard or pro pack, is designed for the production of prototypes and small series. Discover the technology for the performance of the Charly4T CNC lathe.

Mini-Tour à Commande Numérique Charly4T

Water Jet Cutting Machine

LABJET, the new compact water jet machine

LABJET, machine Jet d'eau compacte

The efficiency and accuracy of waterjet cutting machine in a compact format dedicated to "makers" and the world of training: the Labjet is the ideal machine to meet the needs of rigor and precision of industrialists in a controlled budget and in a versatile format.


• Charlyrobot presents a range of software
• CharlyGRAAL 2D / 3D: CAD / CAM software combining simplicity and performance
• GOcharly: CAM Turning Software for Charly4T
• MAYKA EXPERT 4 AXIS: 4 axis CAM software, education license
• TARGET 3001: CAD software for electronics
• STRATOCONCEPT: Stratoconception Software


Procurement of tools and consumables, catalog of tools and consumables. More information on ESHOP

Services and Monitoring

The Charlyrobot range is monitored After Sales Service, Remote Maintenance and Repairs
Before any request for intervention, thank you to contact our hotline MECANUMERIC CHARLYROBOT:
Annual maintenance contract, tranquility for your establishment
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The applications in the Charlyrobot range find a natural place at every level of the students' academic career.

Technology in college

• Printed circuit boards with Charly4U - Charly2U and DMC technology
• Turnery  with Charly4T technology
• Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printer College with Charly4U Technology - Charly2U
• 2D and 3D digital milling with Charly4U - Charly2U and DMC technology

Technology in high school

• Printed circuit boards with Charly4U - Charly2U and DMC technology
• Turnery with Charly4T technology
• Additive Manufacturing and High School 3D Printer with Charly4U - Charly2U Technology
• 2D and 3D digital milling high school with Charly4U - Charly2U and DMC technology

Universities - engineering schools

• Additive manufacturing and 3D printer with Charly4U - Charly2U technology
• Prototyping with Charly4U technology - Charly2U, DMC and MECA EASY
• 3 and 5 axis machining
• Waterjet cutting
• Laser cutting