MECANUMERIC, through its CharlyRobot product line, offers a range of machines for the « makers » sector (FabLab, TechShop...) on its main three technologies  : milling, waterjet and laser.

New milling product :
The DMC milling machines range is extending with a new version of DMC 300 and DMC 600. These machines will be proposed with a performing technical cabinet (containing the suction pump, the cooling unit, a chip collecting drawer, storage drawers…). A new size with the  DMC 6120 is announced, designed to receive larger material plates.

New water jet product :
MECANUMERIC launches the LABJET, the only machine with industrial performances and budget accessible for the FabLab and the world of education.
This LABJET machine is proposed with a high pressure pump 4000 bars from 10 to 20 HP allowing the pure water cutting, loaded with abrasive for working on soft materials (foams, rubbers, …) and also very hard materials (steel, titanium, stone, marble, granite, glass…).  

New laser product :
The  CO2 QUICKLAS laser cutting and engraving machine, with size 800 mm x 600 mm and 70 W sealed laser, is the ideal equipment for any  FabLab or TechShop.

By the end of this year, MECANUMERIC will propose a  pack for the FabLab including a milling machine, a laser cutting machine, a waterjet cutting machine, a 3D  printer and a lathe.