CIRTES at the origin of the digital 3D Pack & Strat® packaging process and INORI, in charge of distribution, has chosen MECANUMERIC, the French leader in CNC machines, to manufacture the new range of 3D packing stations.

MECANUMERIC also contributes to the sale of the range of stations through its large sales network in France and abroad.


What does this alliance represent?

An alliance to meet the major demands of the international market and offer an innovative and 100% French product: process - software – machine.


An eco-responsible approach, a green process!

The Pack & Strat process is clean, it saves energy and materials by using only what is strictly necessary to produce packaging, it minimizes waste. It uses recyclable or biodegradable materials, from standard commercial plates.


An improvement in the quality of life at work!

Pack & Strat has a favourable societal impact with the strengthening of the Human Beings’ role in the design and manufacture of packaging, which leads to an increase in staff skills and an improvement in the ergonomics of the workstation.

The VirtuReaL pole supports the implementation and integration of the Stratoconception process by providing young engineers from InSIC, qualified in the process and the digital chain.


Open endless perspectives!

Pack & Strat opens up the field of possibilities for tailor-made packaging, personalization, integration of features, etc.


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