"Our Labjet is used in the IMT Mines Albi Fablab, but we don't do any production. The cuts are mainly made for our incubates (start-ups), for the school's research centres and for students working on very specific projects.


Why did you choose to work with a MÉCANUMÉRIC machine?

Water jet cutting was an obvious choice. Then there was limited competition for the type of machine we wanted. In the Fablab, I also have 2 other pieces of MÉCANUMÉRIC equipment: a CharlyRobot 4U and a CharlyRobot 4T lathe.


What do you like about our products? Our company?

Perhaps because of the proximity, the technical service was very responsive to problems encountered, and solved malfunctions very well during the first months of use. So there's nothing to say about the sales or customer service departments, which are very responsive and always ready to listen.


What made the difference compared to other machine manufacturers/distributors?

The choice was mainly based on 3 criteria:
 - First: ease of use

 - Second: proximity and the fact that we favour local companies
 - Thirdly, of course, the price..."


Jean-Michel MOUYS - Laboratory technician

(Owner of a LABJET, a CharlyRobot 4U milling machine and a CharlyRobot 4T lathe)



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