Software for the realization of piercings , insulation of tracks, cutting of printed circuits and for the production of double-sided circuits, monolayer.

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Allows the realization of drills, the isolation of tracks and the cut of printed circuit on MECANUMERIC education milling machines. Allows the realization of double sides and mono layer circuit. The calculation of the tools path is directly made by TARGET with a direct link to the Charlyrobot machine driver with monitoring of the repositioning of the circuit for the double face. All the routes are included in one single milling file, the tools changing cycle (manual or automatic according to the type of the milling machine) is controlled by the driver of the machine. It allows the realization of printed circuits designed with TARGET, but also with other electronic CAD available on the market by import of the PCB (mainly in XGERBER format, compatibility should be tested according to the software and the version).