If there is a sector in which the multi-tecnology, which is a main feature of all MECANUMERIC machine ranges, has a real meaning, it is the mecanics, and above all precision mechanics, which requires a perfect milling quality.

With CNC milling machines in 3, 4 or 5 axes supplemented by water jet and laser cutting machines, MECANUMERIC offer of multi-technology machines covers all needs of the very wide sector of mechanics, for all sub-contractors in milling and cutting.

Filter Mechanic :

Waterjet cutting stainless steel

Waterjet cutting stainless steel

Precision engineering technical parts

Precision engineering technical parts

Manufacturing precision mechanical parts with CNC waterjet cutting technology 


The manufacture of equipment in a wide range of industries requires precision mechanical parts. These parts ensure the reliability, safety and durability of the industrial equipment or tooling being manufactured.


In the automotive and aerospace industries, precision mechanical parts such as trunnions and pistons are used on a daily basis. Filter tips, machined and cut using CNC waterjet technology from a variety of materials, are used in the medical and chemical industries, while different types of shafts, bushings and spindles are needed in the plastics industry and in the manufacture of household appliances. 


The machining of precision mechanical parts can be carried out using the long-proven HP waterjet cutting technology. This process does not affect the structure of the material being cut, regardless of its thickness (even thin), hardness or size.


Multi-technology solutions to cover precisely the requirements of your activity

Milling, drilling, taping, grinding, turning, deburring, polishing, milling of hard materials, but alos high speed milling, micro milling of precision, micro milling... the list is long, it covers the large area of mechanical production. If you are sub-contractor in milling and cutting, there is a MECANUMERIC machine that fits perfectly the requirements of your activity, in terms of productivity and agility as well as of reliability and efficiency, managed by a service recognised for its efficiency.


Water jet cutting : an ideal solution to gather precision and productivity

At the same time more precise and cheaper, water jet cutting is an interesting alternative to laser and plasma technologies, especially in the sector of precision mechanics. With the Quickjet II and Mecajet ranges, MÉCANUMÉRIC covers numerous applications in sectors as metal cutting and other materials, food industry, glass cutting, etc.
The high pressure water jet CNC cutting machine give a high precision work, even for complex shapes and in hard materials (hardened steel, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, titanium…), avoiding most of additional steps which are necessary when another technology is used.

If the fine precision and high pressure jet of MECANUMERIC machine allow the water jet technology to be especially adapted to the mechanics of precision, its efficiency and its productivity are highly visible in the cutting of various materials as ceramice, tiling, porcelain, rubber, foams, textile, cartonboard.