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MECANUMERIC is a manufacturer of industrial CNC milling, machining and waterjet cutting machines that meet the many requirements of the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


The 3- and 4-axis digital milling machines allow the manufacture of all types of orthoses or orthopaedic prostheses in series or to measure. As safe as they are powerful, they also allow the manufacture of medical equipment such as medical containers for which strict rules must be observed and standards complied with.

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Podiatry and orthopedics

Podiatry and orthopedics

Health case or box

Health case or box

Precision CNC milling machines for podiatry and orthopaedics

The high performance of CNC milling machines allows the production of parts for podiatry and orthopaedics with the perfect degree of finish that is essential for user comfort and patient satisfaction.


Equipped with a lathe, the MECAEASY milling machine can manufacture all types of orthoses and orthopaedic prostheses to measure. These prostheses or orthoses can then be part of an apparatus intended for the equipment of a patient. 


The manufacture of a definitive prosthesis can also be the result of a moulding made directly on a patient's limb. A test fitting for the production of a definitive orthopaedic prosthesis can then be made of plastic material. All technical and mechanical data are stored digitally between the two steps. They can then be modified to produce a final prosthesis that is perfectly adapted to the patient's needs. Various materials can be milled.


The manufacture of smaller appliances can be carried out in the podiatry practice using a compact digital industrial tool such as the Charly4U/2U CNC milling machine. It is easy to use and the accuracy of the finish is excellent whatever the material being machined. Capable of 2D and 3D milling, it is a machine that is both powerful and versatile.


Both extremely hard and soft materials can be milled. For example, CNC milling machines can machine carbon, stainless steel, cellulose or rubber. For special prostheses, human bone can also be milled with infinite precision.



Industrial equipment for the manufacture of medical containers

Manufacturers of medical containers are also seduced by the performance of the MECAPRO model. Indeed, this 3-axis CNC milling machine can machine many materials such as plastics, rigid or semi-rigid foams, polyester resins as well as many alloys and steels. Its reliability and accuracy are also features that meet the needs of medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


The standards and regulations governing products intended for medical use are numerous. MECANUMERIC designs CNC machines, such as the MECAEASY model, to meet these specific needs in terms of standards and regulations. These CNC machines can be part of the equipment of a clean room for example.


Indeed, the simplicity of use of the CNC milling machines allows the operators, during each realization of medical and pharmaceutical material, to follow a manufacturing process respecting the rules of hygiene and safety guaranteeing the absence of all contaminations thanks to a minimum of handling.


In the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, CNC milling machines and water jet cutting machines (stainless steel, rubber, cellulose, etc.) can process various metals. They are also used for the manufacture of many filters and syringe components.