From 2014, in order to become more efficient, Mecanumeric has merged on the same location all the divisions of the Group.

CharlyDENTAL , our well established  and with an excellent reputation brand, is now-on in a far better position to use synergies with the other divisions of the Group

CharlyDENTAL is the unique French brand for such product line.

CharlyDENTAL benefits from all the Industry know-how of Mecanumeric Group. 

Our CharlyDENTAL product line proposes 4 and 5 axis milling solutions covering all types of materials (wax, PMMA, sintered Zircone, PEEK, TiTanium, special resins,  special alloys, special ceramics) combined with very friendly softwares
Designed for a high output, our CharlyDENTAL product line proposes a complete process of production from single crowns to  temporary or not span bridges, reinforcements,

With more than 14 years of sales across the world, dozen of dental specialists are using a CharlyDENTAL product for tooth prosthesis.