The waterjet cutting technology is versatile and shows its effectiveness in many applications. It brings together many qualities: innovation, precision, tailor-made, cold cutting, cutting all materials (food, metals, glass, stone, composite materials ...), economy, saving time.
Mécanuméric manufactures and offers a range of complete water jet cutting machines suitable for a multitude of applications.



Water jet machine designed to simplify cutting of smooth or light material


Discover LABJET MÉCANUMÉRIC new waterjet machine


MECAJET the new range of Water Jet equipments conceived by MECANUMERIC


QUICKJET II new water jet cutting center


Pure water jet cutting machine


MDA : A water jet cutting equipment range

The high pressure water jet cutting machine can cut a wide range of materials with cold pure water or water mixed with abrasive for very hard materials. The precision and power of the jet allows high precision cutting, even for complex shapes.
The waterjet cutting machine tool offers many advantages:
- High precision cutting
- Full preservation of the molecular structure of the cut product
- Ability to cut heterogeneous materials
- Cutting of complex shapes
- Cutting of hard materials: hardened steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.
- Optimisation of off-cuts
- Low water consumption
- Environmental protection
- quick payback investment


Waterjet cutting technology is versatile, proving its effectiveness in many applications. It combines many qualities: 

  • Innovation
  • Precision
  • Made to measure
  • Cold cutting
  • Cutting of all materials
  • Economy
  • Time saving

Operating principle of the high pressure water jet cutting machine


The water is filtered to remove impurities. Some abrasives can be incorporated in a dosage depending on the material to be cut. The water is then compressed with a special pump. It is accelerated to 2 to 3 times the speed of sound.
The concentrated energy of the water molecules reinforced by the abrasive allows almost all materials to be cut, with thicknesses of up to 200 mm for hard materials


Cutting in the food industry
Respecting the sanitary constraints of the food industry, the MDA offers a mobile table for loading and unloading in hidden time. Cutting with pure water has several advantages:
- Cutting in a healthy environment, no possible contamination
- Time saving: no need to replace the blades, no interruption of the system
- Flexibility in the diversity of products used and shapes to be given.
Metal cutting
Waterjet cutting can be used to cut many metals and is an interesting alternative to laser and plasma techniques, as it is both more precise and less expensive. Tabletop cutting technology allows the cutting of thicker metals such as titanium and aluminium. As it is a cold cutting process, no deformation can be produced by the heat, there is no hardening of the material. Its precision avoids most of the rework regularly done in other processes. Finally, water jet cutting allows thicker metals to be cut with great precision.


Cutting glass
The addition of abrasive, the absence of vibration and the thermal neutrality of the operation allow glass to be cut in various shapes and patterns. Simple techniques will prevent the glass from splitting. Most glass cuts are made possible and more economical.


Waterjet cutting of other materials
High pressure waterjet technology allows cutting of even more materials: stainless steel, alloys, stones, ceramics, tiles, foams, rubber, porcelain, fabrics, cardboard, etc.


MECANUMERIC's water jet cutting equipment is available in 3 ranges.


MDA, water jet cutting machine for food applications.

The MDA range allows the cutting of food products such as pastries, fish, delicatessen products, sandwiches...
The technologies are based on mechanical precision and guarantee durability and performance over time.
The waterjet cutting machine is controlled by the MECANUMERIC CN 7100 CNC with man-machine interface (HMI) with colour touch screen, with USB, Ethernet and Internet connections for remote maintenance.
Compliant with food safety and hygiene regulations, the main advantage of the water jet cutting machine is the absence of a blade, cutting is done without contact with the product.

MECAJET, water jet cutting machine for soft and hard materials.

The MECAJET incorporates the latest innovations: CNC POWER AUTOMATION control system (CN7100 ISO), new long-life pneumatic cutting heads, axis positioning control, 3 or 5 axis head, rake control, etc. The 3- or 5-axis cutting heads are powered by a THP pump ranging from 15 HP (10 kW, maximum flow rate 1.2 l/min at 3,800 bar) to 125 HP (92 kW, maximum flow rate 10 L/min at 6,200 bar). This water jet cutter is designed for:
- soft materials: rubber, plastic, leather, etc.
- hard materials with abrasive addition: metal, ceramic, glass, stone, composite materials, etc.
The MECAJET range is designed for high pressure waterjet cutting of many soft materials such as rubber, plastics and leather. The addition of abrasive allows the cutting of hard materials: metal, ceramic, glass, stone and composite materials.


QUIK JET II: Compact and precise for all materials

This new waterjet cutting machine offered by MECANUMERIC is unique on the market. It combines safety, compactness, high productivity and ultra precision.
Its kinematics inspired by mechanical machining centre solutions (use of ball screws on all axes, high performance AC brushless servo-motors controlled by a user-friendly numerical control) makes it possible to envisage the production of high precision parts.
Equipped with high-pressure pumps and THP components, the QUICKJET II is a waterjet cutting machine optimised for all industrial precision cutting applications with pure, soft or hard materials.
Unique on the market, the new QUICKJET II equipment allows the production of high precision parts in all materials, soft or hard.


MECANUMERIC's water jet cutting equipment is available in 3 ranges for all uses: cutting of food products, cutting of any material by very high pressure water jet and production of high precision parts